Speaker & Advocate

Speaker & Advocate


Addressing the #METOO movement and awareness in teenagers.


Pamela grew up in Jackson, NJ where she was a scholar athlete and an overall happy girl. She graduated from Rowan University Suma Cume Laude with a double major in education and history. Her future looked bright- and it was.


It wasn’t until she was a successful teacher in Camden, NJ and a mother of a 2 year old boy that she faced her sexual assault at the age of 33. Despite living in a progressive era, Pamela had to wrestle with what it meant to be a “victim”. Her story of the difficult SVU report, to the struggles of telling her family has ultimately culminated in finding her voice.


Pamela uses her decade of teaching experience to relate to students and teach them the important message of boundaries and what both males and females can do to avoid becoming a sexual assault statistic. Her hindsight is honest, relatable, and upfront. She opens up her world to students in a modern and visual way through her personal social media posts that depict a story of her life before and after her trauma.


Pamela has turned her story from struggle to success. She understands that not all victims are able to or want to speak out- so she has used her voice to advocate for those who can’t. Pamela has been a speaker for advocates in training and for staff at the Camden SERVE Family Services Chapter multiple times. In addition, she appeared as a guest on SNJ News to discuss her experience as well as her thoughts on positive changes that can be made.


In addition, she is an expert and certified in Mindfulness in Healing Trauma and Differences and Diversity in Experience, Effects and Treatment of Trauma. Pamela has a rich history and is the perfect speaker for students in your high school or college campus.




                Pamela Matusz  

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