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“My experience with Reiki has been amazing!! When I first came to see Pamela, I was totally new to Reiki and a little apprehensive, but she made me feel completely comfortable and welcome right away. I was very surprised how intuitive Pamela is, and how she was able to tune in to exactly what I was experiencing in my life.  I was having a lot of fear and anxiety, and didn’t know how to relieve it. After the session, she explained in detail, the different areas of my body and energy that were blocked or needed releasing. She also gave me personal messages about things I felt no one else could know! Over the next several sessions I felt relaxed and at ease, so I could focus on healing, and focus on ME.  This has been such a great help to my life, and has decreased my anxiety tremendously. Thank you Pamela for sharing your talent!”


"...The germ theory of disease had not yet been accepted in Vienna. Semmelweise's colleagues ridiculed him and eventually stopped following his guidelines. He spent the rest of his career fighting to convince the medical community that sterilization and cleanliness could save lives. At age forty-seven he was committed to a mental asylum where he died from sepsis."


We accept the concept of invisible germs and invisible radio waves that operate our cell phones, yet these things we cannot see. Just as gravity is understood but unseen, the medical community and quantum mechanics has come to not only accept but prove, that we carry around us and within us; energy. It is now a fact that all matter has energy...IS energy. 


What if one day we look back at the faulty thinking of treating our body as just a physical plane? We may wonder why we never treated our energy fields, the flow, and blockage of energy within us and surrounding us. 


Reiki is now used in hospitals, hospice, in acupuncture, and yoga. In Germany, it is an accepted form of medical treatment that stands alone from other traditional treatments. In schools, we are beginning to use our mind's eye to calm the energy of our most troubled students. And of course, for thousands of years- back to the ancient Egyptians, laying hands on or over people, has been depicted as part of their healing rituals. Certainly, Eastern and Chinese medicine are based around this concept of energy, our life energy, chi, has been treated and acknowledged for thousands of years.














I stumbled across reiki in my journey to heal from a traumatic event in my life. Coupled together with traditional therapy, I made a strong, genuine recovery. My therapist commented on my progress and coping strategies that allowed me to get through such trauma and be in a "healthy" headspace. I never discussed with her my Reiki sessions that I had been undergoing weekly along with her counseling. I know that I was able to return to the person I was, possibly even stronger, due to this approach of metaphysical and emotional therapy. I instinctually understood the need for a "whole" person approach in order to move forward. Once I did, I immediately wanted to learn more and become a student of the energy work that had such a profound effect on me.


My first time on a Reiki table can only be described as a spiritual awakening. Most energy healers have the commonality of suffering from a traumatic experience. I was a public school teacher of English and Ancient History for over a decade in Urban communities... nothing in my day to day goals involved energy healing. Yet, for whatever the reason may be, it is now my identity. I have become an energy healer, a conduit to help others balance and thrive. 


After helping my first client, I was hooked. I cannot credit myself for her reaction or her healing because I cannot truly explain how I was able to possess intuitive images or insights throughout her session. I firmly believe that I am a conduit and that my clients and I resonate in a way that perpetuates their healing. 


Studies have shown that during a Reiki session the practitioner's brain and heart's electric pulses begin to resonate with one another and fall into a rhythm. In addition, clients and practitioners begin to resonate in rhythm. I am an educator by trade, and I continue to devour books and articles that are on the cutting edge of our metaphysical health systems, yet I always feel as if I cannot learn enough to truly explain what happens during a session. And so, I continue to work and my clients continue to respond. I cannot wait for the day that this beautiful process becomes mainstreamed and accessible to all and everyone.


Reiki can come in all shapes and forms, I combine Eastern shamanic practices, such as a Tibetan singing bowl to align your chakras, burning of ancient Egyptian ceremonial incense, and my personal intuitive abilities.


Each of my clients has returned to me to continue their healing. One thing that truly makes me unique as a Reiki is that, as my client, you will receive a map of your personal messages from each chakra as I work. At the end of your Reiki session, you and I will discuss the notes I scribe during your session. 


For my clients who also seek a life coach, we base our goals and strategies directly from your Reiki sessions. In this way, your coaching becomes extremely personal and intuitive based on your own energy and images that arise.


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