Educator, National Speaker, Community Outreach Project Developer, Life Coach, Master Reiki, Intuitive, Mother, Woman.

Reiki is one of the most splendid things that I accidentally encountered. While healing from my own personal trauma, I searched for alternative healing methods and stumbled upon reiki. I had such a profound reaction that I needed to study the practice myself.

Each client has their own unique experience with reiki. Just a few common experiences are:

-Seeing colors

-Feeling warm/tingling/cold


-Waves of emotions, often cleansing tears

- Feeling "light"

-Feeling "peaceful"

-Sweeping sensations of energy, waves of energy

I decided to share my channeling with others so that they too may have a breakthrough with their healing. No matter what it is you wish to "fix", reiki only flows to where it is needed. Reiki is an intelligent energy that uses the practitioner as a conduit. I am only a channel with the master skill set of feeling and reading your chakras to help guide the reiki energy. 

I am available in my office in Haddonfield, NJ.  

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"Pamela is so sweet! I just connected with her with our first conversation. She made me feel so comfortable during my session I was so nervous and she truly made me feel so comfortable after treatment we talked for awhile I felt like I have known her forever!! She put things in great perspective for me can’t wait to go back again!!"