What Exactly Is a Life Coach?

Some say life coaching, I say I am a resurrection artist. Yes, a resurrection artist. Too many of us end up walking through our lives like zombies, moving from one task to another without having any real sense of ownership over our choices and actions.

Hi, my name is Pamela Matusz, and to all the working women and mothers out there, I am your best ally. As a life coach, I focus on YOU and YOUR goals. Specifically, your goals to be a more mindful version of yourself that appreciates your strengths and creates the space for daily appreciation and confidence to take on the world.


We will focus on returning you to the amazing person, spouse, or parent that you are.  Especially those moms and stepmoms who have felt a sense of "identity loss". Sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to be all the "things" we need to be just to keep up with life! 

Ladies, if you live locally, our client and coach meeting will take place in the office of your choice. Need to fit in your daily walk and a coaching session? Let's put on sneakers. Want to escape and get a coffee or tea? We will prioritize YOUR time and YOUR needs.

(That's right when was the last time someone said that to you?)

Contact me below, let's get your groove back!